Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last Ditch Effort

Having this blog out there in blogger land and knowing that I'm doing nothing with it is driving me a little crazy!

I can't seem to keep up with it, yet I also can't seem to let it go!

Here are my reasons for not writing on a regular basis.

1. I have no time.
2. I suck at writing.
3. Do I really have anything interesting to say or stories to tell?
4. Is there really a point? Is anyone really reading it anyway (besides Wendy ;-P)?

So before I abandon ship I thought I'd give it one more try. But instead of trying to keep up this blog AND my other blog, which is dedicated to all things yarny, I am just going to manage this one and let the other one go.

This blog will consist of anything and everything I am passionate about. My family, my friends, crocheting, cooking and teaching.

So if you have been following my blog, thanks and stay tuned!


  1. I'm listening! Welcome back! :)

  2. I'm here and I'm listening and I'm would love to read more about you and your family. Thanks for blogging :) and thank God that we all have Wendy to read our blogs!lol

  3. Oh already have 2 comments before mine!!!!

    I knew you'd emerge eventually :) Post away!!!!! (And they don't have to be long)