Monday, August 31, 2009

Cake Ballin' With Ev

Lately any time I cook anything (which isn't often these days), Evan always has to be right there by my side to "help".

While I really just want to get it done, I know that it is important to let him help.

So yesterday we made
cake balls together. If you have never had cake balls before all you do is bake a cake (any flavor), let it cool and crumble it into a bowl. Then you mix in a can of frosting (any flavor), roll them into balls, chill and dip in melted dark or white chocolate.

People love them! I'm not a big fan of box cake mix or pre-made frosting so I have to say that I don't love cake balls. Yet I continue to make them each time thinking I will like them. Oh well. Tim likes them and Evan sure had fun helping to make them!


  1. The cookie monster shirt is a nice touch :)


    Betty Crocker GF cake mix + Pillsbury frosting = GF CAKE BALLS...oh, yeah...I'm all over it :)

  2. What could be more fun than balls that are made of cake! I just found you and I am already in awe that you are a teacher and a mom of 2. I know how hard it is and I'm sure many families are grateful for all the work you put in!

    Have a great holiday weekend!