Monday, July 19, 2010


On Etsy that is! It's taken me many tedious hours but I have finally gotten all (ok, most) of my items measured, photographed and posted in my Etsy shop.

You can get to my shop either with this link or from the sidebar on my blog. Please feel free to pass the link along to anyone you think might be interested!

Since I'm still fairly new at this I'd love to hear any feedback you have for me. Thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Question of the Day...In Good Times and Bad

My hubby Tim and I have been together since 1994, which basically means half my life! We got married in 1997, I was young but knew he was "the one".

Through the years we have been through a lot of ups and downs. As many couples do, we have been through a good deal of stressful situations together. The birth of two children, a stressful move and the diagnosis of a chronic illness in our young daughter.

This has understandably put a lot of stress on our marriage because life happens and priorities shift. As a mom, it can be difficult to go from mom mode to wife mode. As a married couple, when life changes and you grow older you either grow together or you grow apart.

There are some times in our lives when we realize what we have and what we take for granted. My husband and my marriage means everything to me and I'm not the kind of person to give up easily when things get rough. Marriage takes work. A lot of work.

My husband and I try to recognize that our marriage needs to be nurtured along with our children. We try to find time (even if only a few minutes) each day to talk and connect. We try to have regular date nights and get-a-ways as often as we can. But in reality, it's not always easy.

So my question is, with all the stresses of daily life, what do you and your spouse do to maintain marital happiness?? I would love for you to post a comment with your answer to this question!