Monday, November 16, 2009

Bad D Day

We have had diabetes in our life for almost 5 years now. While I certainly don't like it, I have learned to live with it and to deal with all of it's ups and downs because what else can I do? It's not going anywhere.

Today Janelle woke up with a blood sugar of 463 and was clearly not feeling well. Great. This day has "potential disaster" written all over it.

I spent the entire day trying to bring down her blood sugar. It took until 2:30 pm to get it below 200 (179 to be exact).

At this point I was finally able to do a site change since my students were gone and my classroom was empty. In my rush to get the new site in, I must have forgotten to pull back the inset because when I placed it on her little tushie she screamed! More than the usual scream.

Yep. I had stuck the needle right in there. I'm such a bad D Mommy. I felt horrible, to say the least. So our spare site change was ruined. Had to disconnect until we got home. Blood sugar upon arrival at home = 269.

I hate diabetes today.


  1. Blood sugars are hard enough on us without those horrid site changes!
    I once accidently moved the inset while trying to insert it and what a bleeder! That was a bad day for us as well!

    You're doing the best you know how, don't let it get you down. I'm impressed with the site area...Jessi won't let me go anywhere near her tush for a site, it's all tummy areas!

  2. I really have no idea what any of that "pump talk" means, but I am so sorry you're having a bad day.

    When Elise was first dx, every day was a bad day for the first three months. Then we semi-figured things out, and the good days outnumbered the bad ones. The bad part is, the bad days now seem so much worse when they do happen.

    Hoping that it was just a one day thing, and you're back to "normal" tomorrow.

  3. First off you are not a bad D mom, we all forget to do things, we all do things that we should not of. I just blame it all on Diabetes, that is what is bad! I too have no idea about the pump but I'm sorry that you had a bad day and I hope that your day gets much better :)