Monday, August 31, 2009

Cake Ballin' With Ev

Lately any time I cook anything (which isn't often these days), Evan always has to be right there by my side to "help".

While I really just want to get it done, I know that it is important to let him help.

So yesterday we made
cake balls together. If you have never had cake balls before all you do is bake a cake (any flavor), let it cool and crumble it into a bowl. Then you mix in a can of frosting (any flavor), roll them into balls, chill and dip in melted dark or white chocolate.

People love them! I'm not a big fan of box cake mix or pre-made frosting so I have to say that I don't love cake balls. Yet I continue to make them each time thinking I will like them. Oh well. Tim likes them and Evan sure had fun helping to make them!

What The Blog??

Wow, it's been a while since my last blog. School must have started or something. :-).

For those of you who don't know, besides being a wife to the best husband in the world, and mom to the best kids in the world, I am also a 1st grade teacher.

School started on August 11th and it's been a rough start. I got to begin the year with 39 kids on my list! That's right, I said 39!! Luckily only 35 showed up. Ha! Lucky for who? Way too many kids! It was rough to say the least. These are six year olds!

Three weeks into the school year they decided to add another teacher. Since we were only allowed to add TWO teachers to the whole school they decided they would "try to get the most use out of them". So one of the teachers was put into a 1st/2nd combo and the other was a 5th/6th combo. So this means that a few kids would be taken from each of these grades and put into two new classrooms.

Let the shuffling begin. Teachers had no say over who would be chosen to go to the new classrooms. There was no real thought that went into it. Just get it done. Letters went home and it was done. All of the first grade classes went down to 26 but somehow I stayed at 30! OOPS! I decided to just let it be and be happy knowing I won't be getting any new kids for a while!

My class is interesting. I have a lot of really good, sweet kids.....who love to talk and talk and talk and talk. Could be because they're six. Could be because there are so many of them! Who knows.

Even though we are only four weeks into school the school "crud" has (and still is) already gone through my house! I'm sure it's just the first of many illnesses we will be faced with!

I am happy to report that Janelle LOVES 2nd grade and has had really good numbers so far. I am frequently reminded of how lucky I am to have her at school with me. Like when I forgot to change her site and her pump ran out of insulin in the middle of the day (Bad Mommy). Or on days like today when her site gets pulled out during P.E. Those for sure are potential disasters! Ones I am happy to be able to avoid!

So here is my first blog as a harried and tired mom/teacher. Hopefully there will be another one before Christmas!