Friday, July 3, 2009

Bloggy Frustration

First of all, I'd like to thank my friend Wendy for not only inspiring me to get a blog going, but for also helping me figure out how to do it (as if I need a new obsession in life) =). 

I have to say, getting this thing up and running has not been easy!  Push this button and this is supposed to happen....but it doesn't.  Need to change something....spend 10 minutes trying to find where to go to change it. 

I tried to change one layout to another and somehow ended up with two on at the same time!  Didn't even know that was possible.  After many attempts to fix that problem I ended up deciding that my only option left was to start a whole new Monkey Kid Blog and just copy and paste everything into a new one and delete the old one.  

So an hour and a half and two ignored children it is.

Thanks again to Wendy for letting me steal all your stuff!  She has a pretty cool blog!  You should check it out!  


  1. I love your monkey wallpaper ;)

    And check out those mad hyperlink skills...ooooooo...aaaaahhhhhh....


  2. I love your wallpaper!! Too cute!! I noticed you were following my blog and I wanted to say hi and introduce myself. How long has your daughter been T1? Anyway I hope to "see" you around as we share in our parenting and T1 trials and joys. Take care!!


  3. Leigh, you are doing SOOO well with your blog! I haven't been able to do 1/4 of the things that I have tried - maybe that's why I neglect my blog....I'm going to have to get you and Wendy to give me a class on blogging, along with the remedial crochet class.