Monday, December 21, 2009


The other night at our West Valley Diabetes group party I was telling my friend Wendy how good Janelle's numbers had been over the last few days. As I spoke the words I knew I was jinxing myself.

Sure enough, yesterday her number went crazy high! I was out most of the day and Janelle was home with Daddy. When I got home I found out she was over 300 all day! (Insert bad word here). I was not very happy.

Then Janelle decided to call her grammy and invite herself over for a sleepover. So she packs her things and goes to my mom's house, who luckily just lives down the street. Before leaving she was corrected for 300 something.

Around 8:00 p.m. my mom calls and says they made chocolate chip cookies and Janelle wanted some. She checked herself. 467. &^%##$^!

I told my mom Janelle would need to come home. She needed a shot, she needed a site change and she would need to have her blood sugar checked multiple times during the night.

I was so mad! Not mad at anyone--just so mad at the situation. Mad that she couldn't even have a sleep over at her grandmother's house without diabetes getting in the way. Mad that I couldn't seem to get her numbers under control regardless of how much insulin she got. I even had to increase the maximum daily amount of insulin in her pump so that her basal would continue. Mad that I didn't know for sure what the problem was. Could be a bad site, could be bad insulin, could be the fact that she was at the beginning of a cold. That always seems to send her blood sugar through the roof.

A few hours later she finally came down to 187. I increased her basal and am hoping for the best.

So anyway, here I am at 3:30 a.m.-- awake. Thinking about diabetes. Rolling numbers over in my head and trying to think of what I need to change. Definitely not the first time diabetes has kept me awake thinking for hours. Definitely not the last.


  1. Hi Leigh, love your blog and your etsy shop. I just love etsy. I had no idea you were such a creative person. Thanks for the link.

  2. (((HUGSS))))

    Oh, I'm so sorry you had a rough night! Figures it would be on on the first Monday that you don't have to get up for work :(

    I hate troubleshooting highs...hate it hate it hate it!!!!! I really hope her numbers are better and I'll be praying that you get a nap!!!!

    Let me know if there's anything I can do...lots of love to you!

  3. I'm sorry! Diabetes is worse when it keeps our kids from doing things they want. It makes everything more bitter.

    But it's a new day! I hope the set change helped! I changed basel rates on 2 of my boys last night. Crossing my fingers...

  4. You really were'nt looking forward to sleep were you? Because that's when it rears it's ugly head! Or at least seems like it.

    Sucks that you guys were dealing with the highs, we know them well around here lately. Jessi was 300 most of the day as well, only you beat us with the 400.
    Glad she came down alright. Maybe you can nap today?!

  5. Thanks everyone. She's still been a little on the high side today. I think it's because of the cold she has. Still, my husband is picking up some new bottles of insulin on his way home. No nap for me..too much to do today!